Goobay Slim Power bank - BLACK

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Goobay Slim 4.0 USB Power Bank - 8000mAh - Black

This lightweight, portable power bank will keep your smartphone always charged whenever you are on the go. It features a detachable Micro-USB charging cable, and a battery with a capacity of 8000mAh, which is enough to charge your smartphone, tablet or other small devices like a camera, an MP3 player, a voice recorder or a navigation system, several times.

- Portable, slim design
- Integrated battery status indicator
- Quality power bank with an detachable connection cable
- Convenient slot on the power bank for storing the cable
- Capable of fully charging 2-3 smartphones or small devices
- 2.0 amperes delivers enough power for smartphones or tablets
- Use the microUSB cable to recharge your power bank

- Battery: Lithium-Polymer (LiPo)
- Capacity: 8000mAh
- Voltage 3.7V
- Input: 5V (AC)
- Output: 5V (DC)

Package includes:
- 1 x Goobay Slim 4.0 USB Power Bank
- 1 x MicroUSB Cable

Goobay Slim PowerBank will be you ideal pocket companion, and will never let you down when you need a power source for your device, wherever you are.