Comapi Text Messaging Service (Managed Support £200 Per Month)


Comapi allows a business to contact their clients via SMS in the easiest way possible.

SMS brings you closer than ever to your customers. Cut through the noise and get your message straight to the palm of their hand.


Direct reach guaranteed


  • ROI. Engage and convert customers wherever they are, whenever.
  • Direct. 90% of SMS messages are read in under three minutes.
  • Fast. With SMS, there’s no design time needed, so you can save time instead.
  • Global. Worldwide coverage empowers your customer reach.
  • Automated. Set and forget: add SMS to any existing automation program.


Benefits at a glance

  • Design stylish emails effortlessly with our drag-and-drop tool


  • Leverage our automation tool to create multichannel lifecycle programs


  • Unlock customer engagement with SMS messaging



  • Use insight to craft relevant content and create powerful segments


  • Maximize sales and ROI with data-driven messages


  • Trigger push messages and re-targeting ads for extended brand reach


  • Harness AI to send personalized product recommendations