Adventurer Package

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Protect your device come rain, wind, or shine! And never run out of battery even on the longest and remotest of days 


this pack includes 


Goobay Outdoor 8.0 Solar Power Bank

Use free solar energy for your small devices!
With this solar charger with built-in rechargeable battery, you can move or at home the same charge two devices simultaneously. The high-performance solar cell charges already at low incidence of the built-in rechargeable battery pack. Thus you can use your USB devices with environment-friendly and free solar energy.
The extremely robust housing is designed for outdoor activities. Thanks to a robust cover over the USB ports, the solar charger is also dust and splash-proof. Handy and rubberised side panels also allow a good grip with wet hands.

In addition, in the front of the case an LED torch with two separate LED light cones are integrated. This also allows you to receive a safe way home. Also ideal in tents, night hiking, power failure and many other areas. With the SOS function can be used in an emergency to attract attention. On the rear of the solar charger is a small compass is installed in the enclosure, whilst hiking or walking the sky directions.
The carabiner included in the delivery makes it easier to fasten at the backpack, the belt or for charge, e.g. on a tree.



Displex - 3D Real Glass

No more compromises! The 3D real glass display protection "Designed in Germany" is matched 100 % with the top sellers of Apple and Samsung, thus - as a true second skin - offering optimal functionality and all-over protection of the entire top of the device!

Full-cover, ultra-thin and extremely robust real glass with maximum transparency and colour fidelity

  • Full-surface, ultra-thin and extremely robust real glass with coloured glass edge (Black / White)
  • Maximum scratch protection with 10H surface hardness
  • Reliable protection against knocks and impacts
  • 100 exact and simple application with the installation tool Easy-On® Frame
  • Designed to fit with cases - case-friendly
  • Optimal transparency in Ultra HD Quality
  • Perfect touch and scroll features (3D- and Multi-Touch)
  • Perfectly rounded edges for comfortable scrolling
  • Only 0,33mm thin glass
  • Absolutely safe thanks to splinter protection
    by the use of composite material
  • Designed in Germany


Eiger North Tough Case - Black

The Eiger North Case features a two-layer design to help protect your device against impacts or shocks. With an inner TPU shell and an outer protective case it is ideal for everyday business use and active lifestyles!

2-Layer Rugged Protection
The impact resistant TPU shell provides your device with shock protection whilst the durable polycarbonate outer case will help protect your phone from any accidental drops or scratches. 

Comfortable Operation
The rugged, textured non-slip finish makes the Eiger North case comfortable to grip, whilst the integrated protective black device buttons are easy to operate. 

Drop Protection
The Eiger North Case has been designed and tested to withstand drops from 6ft (1.8m), and the raised bezel edges help protect your display. 

  • 1.8m (6ft) drop tested
  • Comfortable, matte texture is easy to grip
  • 2-layer rugged protection
  • Shock resistant inner TPU shell
  • Rugged outer polycarbonate case
  • Integrated protective black buttons for a premium finish
  • Precise port cut-outs for easy access