Active Continuity



This is our successful continuity program for customers not yet ready to change handsets but would like to continue receiving our award winning support and loan devices etc.

Once your number has been out of contract for 90 days you will automatically become an Active Continuity customer, we will continue to provide you with our award winning support and a provisional equipment fund of £175 which can be used for handsets or tickets to the O2.

 When we complete the continuity we will carry out a tariff review on the account to ensure you are on the best tariff for your usage and update you to any new tariffs that have been released.

This is for non Sim only customers and a 30 day notice period to exit the agreement.

Minimum term is 24 months but if you wish to leave we will require 30 days notice 

 (Please note once you use the fund you will be tied into the 24 month agreement and so if you wish to cancel there may be termination fees)